A Life of Passion

La Patrona

Forged from a Lifelong Passion for all Things Beautiful, C’EST SI BON was created by Founder Dawn Salzmann who has a Deep Love for Europe, an Inate Talent to Collect the Unique and Marvelous coupled with the Natural Propensity to

Live a Life defined by Artistic and Extraodinary Moments.

Always an Artist and lover of European Gardens and Architecture, Dawn was destined to combine her Constant Passion for Collecting with her keen and Instinctive Eye for Style and Beauty to

Create an Experience that Transports You


Her Larger than Life mentality inevitably Transforms Every Space to a Magical Experience filled with a Spectacular Voice, a Curated Aesthetic, a Bit of Surprise and always a Permiating Thread of Celebration for



Experience Our Showroom

Inspired by travels through the French Countryside C’est si Bon is a wonderfully addictive experience that invites you to travel with us through a select collection of European Architectural Antiques for Gardens and Interiors.

The Art of Beautiful Living is our mantra at C’est si Bon and our showroom is ever changing to capture the magic of things never ordinary and offers a unique collection sourced largely from French estates, private collections and hidden roads less travelled.

Keeping the Art in all things at the forefront, C’est si Bon is proud to offer our showroom as a platform for the Celebration of the Artisan.

Join us for our evening special events that capture true inspiration in an environnement that beckons you to

Feel Before You See

Welcome to C’est si Bon…The Art of Living


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