Creating Inspired Spaces and Authentic Experiences


A Galerie of Architectural Antiques for Gardens and Interiors that Celebrate the Language of Art and Sculpture

Our pieces stand alone yet compliment the spaces they live in, blurring the lines of Interior and Exterior, Modern and Ancient

Our Truth

We believe that Nature is the truest artistic muse from which all design evolves.

Celebrating the honesty of Nature in its vast combination of patterns, structure and patina captivate all our senses. We honor this ancient affair in our Galerie where imperfection is perfection and light is truly everything, a space that you feel before you see, a Galerie of objects with soul and a voice.

An object celebrated for its spirit of sculpture in the way it is installed or interpreted is then regarded as art. Once an object is interpreted as art there is an emotional response to its voice creating an experience. It is this experience that we believe is the very essence of living with beautiful design.


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