We cordially invite you to join in the daily celebration of The Art of Living with C’est si Bon…

An inspiring collection of hand selected European Architectural and Garden Antiques from the 17th to the 20th Centuries and Exceptional Interior offerings sourced for curated interior design needs, keeping art at the forefront of our aesthetic.

Art inspires us and ignites a passion that moves our hearts and welcomes us to live a life that is unforgettable.

Welcome to C’est si Bon… The Art of Living

Our Collection

Inspired by the owner’s travels to Europe multiple times a year, coupled with her innate eye for art and the love for architectural pieces, C’est si bon is a distinguished and curated collection of 17th to 20th Century European Antique Architectural, Garden and Interior Offerings all representing the hand of time and the artisan in its aesthetic.

Special wrought Iron and stone pieces will always be a common thread alongside statuary, fountains and urns. Beautiful mirrors, accessories and select case pieces for the distinguished, curated interior all create a fusion of the unique and the marvelous.

Each Incredible piece is personally sourced and directly imported from Europe several times a year, keeping our collection a living, breathing experience.

Never Ordinary and Nothing Short of Extraordinary

Welcome to C’est si Bon…An Experience…A Mood…A Muse


Our Boutique

Located north of San Diego, in the heart of the beautiful Light of the Pacific, C’est si bon invites you to be transported…If only for a moment.

Curated from floor to ceiling, our boutique showroom is a display of the rare and the marvelous and exudes The Art of Living captured by Architectural Elements and Wrought Iron from the City of Light to pieces thick with the charm of the village street.

Antique Garden Fountains, Urns and Planters that inspire and add the perfect finish to a fabulous garden aesthetic and beautiful Statuary that truly has a heartbeat.

We buy what moves us.   We buy only what we love.   We buy an experience.

C’est si Bon invites you to a special experience inspired by the voice of art and all things beautiful.



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